Watch our digital Electra just make it into the air before reaching the end of the Lae takeoff field. This was tough for Earhart to accomplish without ending up in the Pacific Ocean, and still difficult today on the flight simulator.

After the sim 10-E Electra Special model is ready we will need an airfield for takeoff! The old grass field, in Lae, Papua New Guinea, is no more. A modern airport has been constructed miles northeast of the town. We must digitally recreate the original takeoff location over the Markham Canyon in bay waters bordering Lae. The landing strip on Howland Island is also gone. The island was abandoned, and eventually designated a National Wildlife Refuge after WWII. A digital recreation the Howland Island landing strip, the USCG Cutter Itasca standing off shore, and associated buildings, will also be commissioned.

The digital Lockheed Model 10-E Electra Special needs a new, aluminum skin. The cockpit, now with modern instruments for testing, will need to be reconfigured according to original plans in photo-realistic, 3-D software, to give it a period look. And, in the tail section of the Electra, recreating Noonan’s navigation station will require a complete, new, digital design.

What is next for the ELECTRA PROJECT?