After all, have you ever flown a 1937 bimotor airplane?
And if you could,
where would you get one?


Earhart on the tail of her Electra, March 1937.

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, somewhere in the Central Pacific near Howland Island, is a great aviation mystery! What if you could take off and fly Amelia Earhart’s plane as she flew it, over the same route she took but in a flight simulator? This was our first idea. We wanted to discover if you could learn more about what they did during their last flight than history books tell us.

TEP has been building a digital replica of the Electra. Our aircraft tries to replicate flight characteristics of the real thing. Fuel consumption rates, engine specifications, and aircraft dimensions model the historical aircraft in modern, flight simulation, software.

The digital plane is designed from actual measurements, construction plans, and contemporary drawings. It is as close to the original plane as we can get on the desktop computer, and behave as Hall Hibard, Lockheed’s famous aircraft engineer, would have specified. We will continue to work upgrades, even after release the model later in 2015. Already it is a challenge to fly in our lab with the power and range Earhart demanded.

Our Beginning