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Ameila Earhart with her new electra, February 1937.

Jonathan Blair's interest in Amelia Earhart and the plane she flew, the Lockheed Electra L10E “Special,” began when he was Director of Media and Underwater Photography for the Nauticos Corp. In 2002 they launched a deep-water sonar search, but they did not find Earhart’s plane. He continues to pursue the theory she crashed in the central Pacific somewhere near Howland Island.

Jonathan has been a contributing contract photographer to the National Geographic Magazine with more than 40 assignments around the world. He has participated in many underwater expeditions including work with Dr. Robert Ballard and Dr. George Bass. His photography has also been featured in The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, and international publications.


Joel Johnson has had a 30-year passion for aviation. He started out as a young pilot. Today most of Joel’s free time is dedicated to the workings of X-Plane’s simulator software, and recreating historical flights. A fan of vintage aircraft, Joel was deeply involved in creating the 1919 flight of Alcock & Brown, who flew a modified World War I Vickers Vimy bomber from Newfoundland to Ireland. He has also worked on The Southern Cross making the first Trans-Pacific flight in 1928 from Oakland, California, to Fiji. Johnson’s extensive experience in scenery development, as well as modifications to existing sim aircraft, will help make our sim flight experience “as real as it can get.”

Joel will act in a new role as a consultant to The Electra Project. He brings his knowledge of flight simulation in X-Plane that will help build a high fidelity model of the Lockheed Electra 10E “Special.” He will also design our takeoff scenery, and provide technical solutions, as our final aircraft comes closer to release.


Jeffrey Blair is an X-Plane aircraft enthusiast. He is also a “retired” general aviation pilot having received his pilot’s license in the mid 1970’s. Within 4 years after becoming a pilot he had flown his Beechcraft Bonanza V35B to every state east of the Mississippi except Florida.

In addition to general aviation and television development he has also been a DEC computer systems programming consultant in the Washington, DC area. Jeffrey bought his first Apple, a Macintosh II, in 1988. He continues to fly X-Planes on the Mac platform.

Jeffrey’s professional background is in television production, transmission, computer programming, and satellite operations. He helped create the first full-time satellite television network for PBS in the United States.

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Photograph by Steve Borland/Times Herald-Record